Kjaerhus Audio - Golden Modulator | GMO-1

Kjaerhus Audio - Golden Modulator | GMO-1

Audio Golden Modulator GMO-1is compatible with virtual studio technology
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The Kjaerhus Audio Golden Modulator | GMO 1 1.1 is a plug-in utility program that is compatible with virtual studio technology. It has been developed for users of Windows’ operating systems who produce music, and others interested in modulated sound effects.

Users of the Kjaerhus Audio Golden Modulator |GMO 1 1.1 are offered support rates of 192 kHz, 64 bit processing, 45 presets as well as delay, AM, FM, and panning effects. Designed with professionals in mind, the Kjaerhus Audio Goldne Modulator |GMO 1 1.1 also features 4x sampling, 2 LFOs with 10 waveforms.

The “no latency delay” feature of the program enables real time use and producers can create high quality Chorus, Flanger, Termolo, Panning and other frequency, such as Delay and Amplitude Modulated effects with realistic sounds without adding subtle movement. To provide musicians with a means of creating frequency dependant effects, the program features a filtered feedback option that doesn’t over power and produces realistic simulation of instruments. This plug-in is compatible with the VST format and features full VST automation as well as host synchronization. It supports Windows 2000/XP and OSX v 10.4 operating systems and a detailed user’s manual is available.

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  • Creates natural sounding instrumentation


  • Not available for Mac O.S’s
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